Me & Game of Thrones

Lately I have been infatuated with game of thrones series.Infatuation would be to put it mildly,Obsession or compulsion would would be more right words here probably. I am so much fascinated with series. Only thing I hate about GOT is, They make only 10 episodes – What I am supposed to do in next 9 months.I am not only taken subscription for HBO to see this season, I am reading novels from starting(again) and watching it from starting(again). I have gone through all maps of westeros to essos, gone through all youtube material literally on each personality. I can credibly say I have become fan of franchise.

What make games of thrones unique and set it apart from other series, It builds so many characters.You are bound see the same situation from so many character angles. While there is obvious fight going between different lords – There is something ominous looms(aka white walkers) above all.There are so many subplots where every plot connects to bigger scheme of things. Grandness of plot and schemes are overwhelming. ‘Hodor’s Hold the door increased the respect for RR Martin multi fold. Here is man, who thought of this plot 25 years – Still literally nobody guessed it. Salute to you sir.
I am waiting for 6th novel by RR Martin – Like Iphone fan wait for next iphone. With RR Martin is still writing 6th book with no promised date for its release. Of course he believes quality over quantity. With time he takes for writing a book it really make me wonder, When will he be finished with promised 7th book. While I wish him very long life, As fans like me are worried about closer of this story.I hope he has large medical insurance ūüôā and continue to delight his fans.


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Sitting in my balcony at midnight- I am lost in my sea of thoughts. My thoughts are on my present, past and future (without any order), the thoughts are so vague that Its even difficult to put down them clearly. These thought often give way to analysis of few previous events РHave I done right things, Could I have made better choices ? They often suggests to series of events in alternative timeline (it often can termed be as fantasy rather then my true analysis). Am I doing correct thing right now or they lies better ways to utilize my time ?How to drive my life in next year or year after that? Am i positioning myself for that today.. oh wait what do I want in future? There are so many questions, so many thoughts РShould I know my stregnth and build up on them or should I work on my weeknesses? Should I give more time to office or should I give more time to myself? Should I start thinking on new ventures or should I try to learn more from my existing routines? Am I completely utilizing my skills or am I only overestimating my capacities? Should I be prepare for future or live in present? Should I do what I like Рor should I try to improve my liking? Should I exercise more or should I utilize my time in reading? Am I to give more time to friends and learn from them or excuse myself to learn by studing? How Do i priortize what is more important then other? .There are so many choices one has to make in his daily lives РHow do we make sure that choices we are making are better then random choice ? Lost. Completely lost.
I often feel myself in maze – I see the light but do not know way out. Is hardwork way-out? probably not. For one thing, I can be certain of, is that I am running for sure very fast. Then why I am not out of maze yet. Probably what I am see as light is just a mirage – yes probably. The past is also in mist and difficult to glance through. Probably I am standing in exactly same place where i was earlier(may be so many times). Oh my god,This is rather disturbing thought. What I need is a light to clear this mist – But Where is it? I need to search for it – sooner then later, Otherwise it would be too late for me


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Rebooting myself

has it ever occurred to you that somehow you could reboot your life. For me its thought that keep happening. To stop everything wherever it is, just cleanup everything.. reset everything and to restart my life fresh.But why exactly Рwhat the hell is missing in my life.I have no answer to these questions.I am blessed most understanding parents, one of most coveted joband loving & Caring wife. But somehow I find, my life is missing something vital, probably some purpose, some driving force ,a motivation probably to keep me going.I want to be somebody else, A person with great looks,a person with great knowledge, or probably a person with great skills Рeverybody but myself. I have dreamt of everything but clearly lacking some focus or goal. As I am about to reach 30 in next couple of years I feel like I am already 40 with no energy and passion to pursue.But Why? To be successful in yourobjective you need to keep end in mind, but what if I do not know how the end look like.I have been like nomad just wondering about in my sea of thoughts. Thoughts that could would from everest to depth of sea.I can not think clearly.
If you have some problem with running of your computers, you reboot itself that close some process and give space to new process to run successfully . But God has been little wrong to humans, He has not given a reboot button to us like Machines.He expect us to create process(read make plan) and kill process (read close plan) from same state. If you want to give more time to a plan you need to kill some other plan and thats how you m clean up.Probably thats what I need to do, close my older plans.Evaluate myself for new plan according to new situations.

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Valentine Day


It has been a while since I wrote last time on this blog. A lot has changed in my life- in Both professional and personal front.To be truthful to myself,Life has been very good to me till now.Professinaly I was successfuly able to pursure my managers to allow me to have role change as core developer in team.On personal front too change is even bigger, I got Married!! yes I got married really. It looks very surreal at-times to me, life is changing at faster pace then I am ready to take it.Being able to commit myself to a single person for rest of my life with only 2 meetings with 20 mins each РLooks to be very baffling at first.But somehow I was able to convinced myself to concept called arranged marriage .Not that I even wanted to did love marriage but marriage itself was perplexing for me.Anyway my life(and wife) has been good to me so cheers!!
Recent event has somehow grown to show me how inept I am in understanding other gender’s mind and expectation.While male’s mind always find cause and effect or reasoning every aspect of life, Females mind remained complex web of emotions. You can never hope to break into these web to understand womens.They remain complicated just like mosaic.14th Febaryary was just another day till now in my life.However I was forced to acknowledge its existent with my friends over lunch table just couple of days before. I had tried earlier argued myself that giving/taking gift – should not acknowledge ones love for other.But my friends argued against it,infact Only woman on my lunch table to vehemently supported my wife’s right to expect to a “love gift” on valentine day. While my argument was that why choose a particular day to showcase a one’s love, Their arguemnt rested on – “Why not?” – if we can celebrated birthday,anniversary why not love day.
Knowing I am new to arena and putting wrong step would be bad. I took their advice and arranged for few gifts. And trust me It was good move as I had to face heavy bashing if I would not have given those gifts.Women mind’s are hardwired for likes of surprises and gifts.This was my first lesson in my yearning to read other gender’s mind.

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Khosala ka Ghosala

No, I am not being harassed by certain Mafia of hyderabad city. Neither I am being given tough time by my builder here(with whom I booked by ghosala) nor I am being bothered by some income tax authority demanding source of my (hard-earned ) money. Rather my recent set of hassles have come from most unlikely source, my bank. Despite being hoopla around SBI’s turnaround from age old bank to new modernized bank, I felt completed pissed off during my recent interactions (bunch of them) with bank for my loan approval/disbursement process. Offering lowest interest rate for my housing loan made them obvious choice, but what followed is real bad bad experience for me. It took them to 3 months to start disbursing loan after my application for loan has been approved.


I was asked to come down bank branch, umpteenth number of times for various documents. One such involve giving photocopy of my  PAN card, (And we say that we are living technology age,I could have sent him scanned copy), Some visit to get my form16 document, Application form,Agreement of sales and many sundry document (oh dude, why can not they have list). Each such visit involved bunking atleast half a day work and more half a day for my mind to get in order again.


Once my all document have been submitted (so it has been confirmed by Bank manager), I felt at least now all processing would be fast. But that was just starting of my predicament. I did not hear anything from my bank branch for next one and half month, which raise certain suspicion in my mind. I called up them to check if everything is in order, I was given an assurance that my loan will get approved soon and I would be immediately informed of it. 15 days more went by, This time I thought of meeting with bank manager. After enquiring about my loan status for around 2 hours, I was informed my loan has been sanctioned 15 days ago(what the hell, nobody informed me about it) and they are waiting for certain sanctioned letter from certain SBI RACPC branch. With nothing more to argue, I left the branch for my office.


One of biggest surprised arrived for me when I received letter 2 weeks later from SBI RACPC saying that My sanctioned loan would be cancelled if I did not brought some more documents(as Mentioned in sanctioned letter) to SBI RACPC within 5 days. What the hell, I never received my sanctioned letter at first place. I called up my bank manager who unfortunately was on leave and refused to talk to me uncooperatively. Left with no choice,I was again going to same god forsaken place.  Employees in bank declined to do anything with me at all and refused to have any knowledge of my loan application existence. Finally when I got hold of mr. manager 2 days later, he told me that sanctioned letter was here in bank branch for last 2 weeks(Angry smily, very angry smily).


I was informed that I need to carry new set of documents to RACPC(ECF, Bank NOC, Triparty agreement and many more).My builder took all the time in world for preparing these documents(with 1000 reminder). More 15 days passed by, I was only praying to god that my loan should not be cancelled atleast, I could not have borne the pain of going through loan process again. I was told that I need to come to bank branch to fill certain form to get an appointment in SBI RACPC(more red tape). Finally on auspicious day of 30th March, I have been given an appointment of 31st March. I left my team outing at ramoji film city in middle so that I could arrive on time( before SBI RACPC start giving hell of time)


It took  5 hours in SBI RACPC to get my documentation done and give cheque for my loan amount. Finally after 3 months, I was holding first cheque of my loan amount. When I hold it for first time I almost felt like winning amount in a KBC, which I never have to repay back.



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May the weak win

With time, I have learned one or two things on human behaviour.I always had this feeling that human mind favours weak, And this appear to apply almost in all sphear of life. Whether consiously or subconsiously A person work to make balance on things which is out of control. When person can not directly influence the result, he puts his mental weight towards weak to make a balance.So If I put my theory in a line “if a person is not a party in a contest, his mind try to balance out remaining things”

In an traffic accident,Mistakes are assumed to be done by person with bigger vehicle. I have read about people torching truck or bus when it hit a bicycle, and concerned person died. No One takes a word that bicycle person could have been wrong or he might have made major blunder by coming under truck wheels. First thing people assume is innocence of disceased and go after murderer.

Same thing I have observed when two teams are playing match. If you do not find any ground to support either of team, you will for sure take side of weaker team. I have seen people supporting england in England vs Australia match, Even when it does not affect your health if either of the team win. But somehow you hate Australia,because they had been so dominant in the game. When same england plays against say bangladesh,One takes side of Bangladesh… reason? You make a case to support a weak in your mind.

I have myself seen this happening, When two footballing clubs are playing say Arsenal vs Chelsea. It really does not matter to me if either of them wins… but for some reason I start supporting team which is down at the point, I switched channel. It does not stop there, If I watch the match for longer time,I start switching my side in between game.So whoever is loosing at a point, I am supporting that team.. What the hack, I am always on loosing side.

There is also one case study. Both Avis and Hertz are leading car rental company US. In fierce comptition days both were running big ad compaigns. Avis came up with their Ad “We are number 2 so we try harder”. Soon more and more people started moving to Avis. After 3 years they came up with another Ad “Now we are number 1”. Suddenly their sales dropped and people started flocking back to Hertz. So what exactly is forcing people to switch side?

In wars or fight people both the party ague as if they have been victimized. As Israel has always been victimized by Arab or America was victimized by Iraq,Afganishtan

It seems to now start happening with Microsoft too.. last month one of my teammate posted a video on facebook on “Microsoft’s vision of future”. One of comment under that video was “What the hell… there is microsoft in future too”. I have seen people commenting on f against microsoft as a company,Microsoft’s product,Microsoft’s strategy , Bill gates,Steve Ballmer and any thing that is microsoft. Theymay be using microsoft’s windows phone or Microsoft’s Windows 7 to post comment like this.. Their career run on microsoft’s product like MS Office.. But for some reason they hate MS.Reason? Microsoft has been dominant for last 25 years in computing¬† and people see it as natural thing to do.I myself was one of biggest supporter of opensource software Linux in my college but alas!! I never coded for any opensource,never funded any open source software, And Here I am, working in same company.Microsoft has one of most classic smartphone in a market, But here is result people are preferring Android and iOS¬† over windows phone…Reason remain same, people think – enough of you Mr. Microsoft. But beware google and Apple,people will fight against you when you become big guy yourself,

May the weak win!!!

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Pointless to point

I happened to watch this awesome play by Dramanon in NIFT Auditorium today. I had spent 200 bucks on it, so I was hoping that they better make some points. Theater people did not disappoint me, their act simply blown me away. It was fantabulous acting by all actors, beautiful sound and lighting effect worth every dime.
Play was comprised of 6 stories and all of them superbly acted. First story, where you will find yourself privy to a phone conversation between confounded taxi driver and his discontented central coordinator, whose only choice is taxi driver no. 274. Play was taken away by fantabulous acting of pranav kadambi as taxi driver.His expression of fear, love was breathtaking. Second story, where a remorseless madame tried to deceit her governess for rightful money, Was also great. Third story was best of all, here a terrified priest goes to dentist to elevate his pain, instead he find himself in hand of newly learned compounder who wanted to try his hands on priest. Their amusing conversation would invariably take you to your last dentist visit, lighting effects and witty dialog delivery was awe-inspiring. I almost lost myself till light went out. Fourth play(named ”no play’) was about conversation between a pessimist husband and her over enthusiastic wife. When husband talked about poverty, Crime, corruption.. Wife talked about sparrow, trees and sunset. Both protagonist was awesome in their act. Their conversation would invariably question our attitude towards life. ‚ÄėDiet Another day’ was story about waiter and diet conscious lady who was given overdose of choices in food. In final act you will find yourself at a busy street and witness an incident, Here People from different hue and shape found themself handling dying person, This play made some political statement too. A great climax of great play.
Overall I loved it, and would recommend everyone to watch it

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