Pointless to point

I happened to watch this awesome play by Dramanon in NIFT Auditorium today. I had spent 200 bucks on it, so I was hoping that they better make some points. Theater people did not disappoint me, their act simply blown me away. It was fantabulous acting by all actors, beautiful sound and lighting effect worth every dime.
Play was comprised of 6 stories and all of them superbly acted. First story, where you will find yourself privy to a phone conversation between confounded taxi driver and his discontented central coordinator, whose only choice is taxi driver no. 274. Play was taken away by fantabulous acting of pranav kadambi as taxi driver.His expression of fear, love was breathtaking. Second story, where a remorseless madame tried to deceit her governess for rightful money, Was also great. Third story was best of all, here a terrified priest goes to dentist to elevate his pain, instead he find himself in hand of newly learned compounder who wanted to try his hands on priest. Their amusing conversation would invariably take you to your last dentist visit, lighting effects and witty dialog delivery was awe-inspiring. I almost lost myself till light went out. Fourth play(named ”no play’) was about conversation between a pessimist husband and her over enthusiastic wife. When husband talked about poverty, Crime, corruption.. Wife talked about sparrow, trees and sunset. Both protagonist was awesome in their act. Their conversation would invariably question our attitude towards life. ‘Diet Another day’ was story about waiter and diet conscious lady who was given overdose of choices in food. In final act you will find yourself at a busy street and witness an incident, Here People from different hue and shape found themself handling dying person, This play made some political statement too. A great climax of great play.
Overall I loved it, and would recommend everyone to watch it


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