May the weak win

With time, I have learned one or two things on human behaviour.I always had this feeling that human mind favours weak, And this appear to apply almost in all sphear of life. Whether consiously or subconsiously A person work to make balance on things which is out of control. When person can not directly influence the result, he puts his mental weight towards weak to make a balance.So If I put my theory in a line “if a person is not a party in a contest, his mind try to balance out remaining things”

In an traffic accident,Mistakes are assumed to be done by person with bigger vehicle. I have read about people torching truck or bus when it hit a bicycle, and concerned person died. No One takes a word that bicycle person could have been wrong or he might have made major blunder by coming under truck wheels. First thing people assume is innocence of disceased and go after murderer.

Same thing I have observed when two teams are playing match. If you do not find any ground to support either of team, you will for sure take side of weaker team. I have seen people supporting england in England vs Australia match, Even when it does not affect your health if either of the team win. But somehow you hate Australia,because they had been so dominant in the game. When same england plays against say bangladesh,One takes side of Bangladesh… reason? You make a case to support a weak in your mind.

I have myself seen this happening, When two footballing clubs are playing say Arsenal vs Chelsea. It really does not matter to me if either of them wins… but for some reason I start supporting team which is down at the point, I switched channel. It does not stop there, If I watch the match for longer time,I start switching my side in between game.So whoever is loosing at a point, I am supporting that team.. What the hack, I am always on loosing side.

There is also one case study. Both Avis and Hertz are leading car rental company US. In fierce comptition days both were running big ad compaigns. Avis came up with their Ad “We are number 2 so we try harder”. Soon more and more people started moving to Avis. After 3 years they came up with another Ad “Now we are number 1”. Suddenly their sales dropped and people started flocking back to Hertz. So what exactly is forcing people to switch side?

In wars or fight people both the party ague as if they have been victimized. As Israel has always been victimized by Arab or America was victimized by Iraq,Afganishtan

It seems to now start happening with Microsoft too.. last month one of my teammate posted a video on facebook on “Microsoft’s vision of future”. One of comment under that video was “What the hell… there is microsoft in future too”. I have seen people commenting on f against microsoft as a company,Microsoft’s product,Microsoft’s strategy , Bill gates,Steve Ballmer and any thing that is microsoft. Theymay be using microsoft’s windows phone or Microsoft’s Windows 7 to post comment like this.. Their career run on microsoft’s product like MS Office.. But for some reason they hate MS.Reason? Microsoft has been dominant for last 25 years in computing  and people see it as natural thing to do.I myself was one of biggest supporter of opensource software Linux in my college but alas!! I never coded for any opensource,never funded any open source software, And Here I am, working in same company.Microsoft has one of most classic smartphone in a market, But here is result people are preferring Android and iOS  over windows phone…Reason remain same, people think – enough of you Mr. Microsoft. But beware google and Apple,people will fight against you when you become big guy yourself,

May the weak win!!!


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