Valentine Day


It has been a while since I wrote last time on this blog. A lot has changed in my life- in Both professional and personal front.To be truthful to myself,Life has been very good to me till now.Professinaly I was successfuly able to pursure my managers to allow me to have role change as core developer in team.On personal front too change is even bigger, I got Married!! yes I got married really. It looks very surreal at-times to me, life is changing at faster pace then I am ready to take it.Being able to commit myself to a single person for rest of my life with only 2 meetings with 20 mins each – Looks to be very baffling at first.But somehow I was able to convinced myself to concept called arranged marriage .Not that I even wanted to did love marriage but marriage itself was perplexing for me.Anyway my life(and wife) has been good to me so cheers!!
Recent event has somehow grown to show me how inept I am in understanding other gender’s mind and expectation.While male’s mind always find cause and effect or reasoning every aspect of life, Females mind remained complex web of emotions. You can never hope to break into these web to understand womens.They remain complicated just like mosaic.14th Febaryary was just another day till now in my life.However I was forced to acknowledge its existent with my friends over lunch table just couple of days before. I had tried earlier argued myself that giving/taking gift – should not acknowledge ones love for other.But my friends argued against it,infact Only woman on my lunch table to vehemently supported my wife’s right to expect to a “love gift” on valentine day. While my argument was that why choose a particular day to showcase a one’s love, Their arguemnt rested on – “Why not?” – if we can celebrated birthday,anniversary why not love day.
Knowing I am new to arena and putting wrong step would be bad. I took their advice and arranged for few gifts. And trust me It was good move as I had to face heavy bashing if I would not have given those gifts.Women mind’s are hardwired for likes of surprises and gifts.This was my first lesson in my yearning to read other gender’s mind.


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