Rebooting myself

has it ever occurred to you that somehow you could reboot your life. For me its thought that keep happening. To stop everything wherever it is, just cleanup everything.. reset everything and to restart my life fresh.But why exactly – what the hell is missing in my life.I have no answer to these questions.I am blessed most understanding parents, one of most coveted joband loving & Caring wife. But somehow I find, my life is missing something vital, probably some purpose, some driving force ,a motivation probably to keep me going.I want to be somebody else, A person with great looks,a person with great knowledge, or probably a person with great skills – everybody but myself. I have dreamt of everything but clearly lacking some focus or goal. As I am about to reach 30 in next couple of years I feel like I am already 40 with no energy and passion to pursue.But Why? To be successful in yourobjective you need to keep end in mind, but what if I do not know how the end look like.I have been like nomad just wondering about in my sea of thoughts. Thoughts that could would from everest to depth of sea.I can not think clearly.
If you have some problem with running of your computers, you reboot itself that close some process and give space to new process to run successfully . But God has been little wrong to humans, He has not given a reboot button to us like Machines.He expect us to create process(read make plan) and kill process (read close plan) from same state. If you want to give more time to a plan you need to kill some other plan and thats how you m clean up.Probably thats what I need to do, close my older plans.Evaluate myself for new plan according to new situations.


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