Sitting in my balcony at midnight- I am lost in my sea of thoughts. My thoughts are on my present, past and future (without any order), the thoughts are so vague that Its even difficult to put down them clearly. These thought often give way to analysis of few previous events – Have I done right things, Could I have made better choices ? They often suggests to series of events in alternative timeline (it often can termed be as fantasy rather then my true analysis). Am I doing correct thing right now or they lies better ways to utilize my time ?How to drive my life in next year or year after that? Am i positioning myself for that today.. oh wait what do I want in future? There are so many questions, so many thoughts – Should I know my stregnth and build up on them or should I work on my weeknesses? Should I give more time to office or should I give more time to myself? Should I start thinking on new ventures or should I try to learn more from my existing routines? Am I completely utilizing my skills or am I only overestimating my capacities? Should I be prepare for future or live in present? Should I do what I like – or should I try to improve my liking? Should I exercise more or should I utilize my time in reading? Am I to give more time to friends and learn from them or excuse myself to learn by studing? How Do i priortize what is more important then other? .There are so many choices one has to make in his daily lives – How do we make sure that choices we are making are better then random choice ? Lost. Completely lost.
I often feel myself in maze – I see the light but do not know way out. Is hardwork way-out? probably not. For one thing, I can be certain of, is that I am running for sure very fast. Then why I am not out of maze yet. Probably what I am see as light is just a mirage – yes probably. The past is also in mist and difficult to glance through. Probably I am standing in exactly same place where i was earlier(may be so many times). Oh my god,This is rather disturbing thought. What I need is a light to clear this mist – But Where is it? I need to search for it – sooner then later, Otherwise it would be too late for me



About Shashwat Gupta

I make things.
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