Me & Game of Thrones

Lately I have been infatuated with game of thrones series.Infatuation would be to put it mildly,Obsession or compulsion would would be more right words here probably. I am so much fascinated with series. Only thing I hate about GOT is, They make only 10 episodes – What I am supposed to do in next 9 months.I am not only taken subscription for HBO to see this season, I am reading novels from starting(again) and watching it from starting(again). I have gone through all maps of westeros to essos, gone through all youtube material literally on each personality. I can credibly say I have become fan of franchise.

What make games of thrones unique and set it apart from other series, It builds so many characters.You are bound see the same situation from so many character angles. While there is obvious fight going between different lords – There is something ominous looms(aka white walkers) above all.There are so many subplots where every plot connects to bigger scheme of things. Grandness of plot and schemes are overwhelming. ‘Hodor’s Hold the door increased the respect for RR Martin multi fold. Here is man, who thought of this plot 25 years – Still literally nobody guessed it. Salute to you sir.
I am waiting for 6th novel by RR Martin – Like Iphone fan wait for next iphone. With RR Martin is still writing 6th book with no promised date for its release. Of course he believes quality over quantity. With time he takes for writing a book it really make me wonder, When will he be finished with promised 7th book. While I wish him very long life, As fans like me are worried about closer of this story.I hope he has large medical insurance šŸ™‚ and continue to delight his fans.



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