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GachirGachirGachir -HuhaHuhaHuha

GachirGachirGachir -HuhaHuhaHuha

I have never heard of this nara(Slogan) Before.But I was so pumped up¬† that I was one of noisiest person in hall with nara ūüėČ (ok so I feel).No matter what’s his rank are in company,everybody were jumping like a kid who has won a Xbox in lottery. environment was electric,adrenalin was very expected from Indo-pak match in world cup semifinal.A word of caution for fainthearted people Never-ever watch a Indo-pak match,If you are on winning its ok, But if otherwise u just played with your precious life.

So All of it started that when India made it to semifinal after beating australia in Ahmedabad. Our team decided to watch high intensity match together,with cocktail.snacks.and dinner in end. A Place was booked in HICC..arrangements were made ..Indian tricolor paint was placed in the room with along with loud bhopu.All we needed match to get started.. I left office after lunch (I did not want to miss sehwag’s first ball boundry which did not come actually).. And sehwag delighted us all with flurry of boundries in opening session itself.. It was absolute delight,As match progressed we witnessed up and down through out the match.When Pakistan Inning started some of euphoria died down with each of Akamal’s boundries.But when Indian bowler really started to tighten screw.. we were overjoiced..they were really madness in room ..really really crazy. A High voltage game ending in our team’s favour.. could not have asked for more.Everybody were congratulating others.

If an atmosphere inside was electric outside it was even more so, I left HICC at around11’0 clock after match… It should have been usual deserted look on Madhapur street at this time.. But there was traffic jam.. people were literally dancing on road..inside and over bus. passer-by shaking hands congratulating each other, People from auto are shouting slogan. I really for first time enjoyed traffic jam.. there was no hurry .. I was also shouting slogan and congratulating other people.

Another match awaits us 3.5 hour from now and a cup that has alluded us for last 28 years..

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Packing my bags

Probably this is last time, I am writing from Pune for this season.I am moving to hyderabad as a part of job change. Exactly 3 Years and 6 months has been passed since I entered in Pune for very first time. This turned out to be second longest stay at a single place for me after my graduation. To be true to myself, I never intended to stay so long. But as saying goes if something is destined to happen, It will, at the end. As soon as I get rid of mice and CAT game, I got another job offer luckily.Now on last night when I am all set to go, I cann’t resist myself to ponder over last 3.5 years that has passed by so smoothly.When I look these years,I found a sea change has gone in me since the first day.Now I do not want to put here everything in black and white about two differnt me, But yes I see things lot differently(probably better) now.

¬†I should have felt excited now,as I am moving to a company which half of IT professional can only dream of and a city which is one of world’s most beautiful. After all this is what I always aspired of.But somehow I am not feeling great, I am filled with emotions.I am still thinking about my team in my office and Nice people I have met there.Those long brainstorming about solutions,cracking weird jokes in team meeting,project events(and that dumb sherad), arguing over TOC ,kabala shabbat, Onsite holidays(yaa couple of them were :)),those endless recourse on lunch table, and ofcourse Mafia game.. It would be tough for me to forget them.I am still thinking about friends for life,I have made here.I hope that I can keep in regular touch with all of them.

 And Finally about my flatmates, I have never shared better rapport with anybody then people living here.Always a fun, I do not know from where we used to get crazy ideas in everything we did (or just thought of).A long time quesion of finding a person responsible for our huge Baketi(bakar) still remain unanswered.We shared everything (yes literally everything ..). I do not know if it would be easy to forget , those long baketi talk about what is more important in life,arguing over Work/life imbalance(more life) and pet name we had for each of us.I hope that everybody get the best in their life as they certainly deserve it.

Life goes on, I will be on hyd flight today afternoon.Expected to see a new world there but really miss everythng here.

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Petrol pump

It was rainy sunday morning and we had already taken a heavy breakfast (ofcourse cooked by me). My friend (Nilesh) had interview in Infosys at around 3 PM,So I was in favour of having a quick sleep of 2 hour before we leave for Hinjewadi.We were sure that it was going to be tough journey as hinjewadi was around 40 Km away. My bike had not yet travelled such a large distance in a strech.
At around 1 PM we left for Hinjewadi. To my disappointment I saw that my fuel tank meter was touching empty mark.All petrol pump on route was quiert congested so we skipped them. Finally we found one petrol pump near railway station which was less crowded. This petrol pump was following new trend of employing girls( Which I presumed are more honest).I was in all praise in my mind pump owner for employing girls as means of empowerment.
I jumped in the line to get my tank filled up. As soon as I reached to pump itself, I realized that I have only 100 bucks in my pocket so I asked Nilesh to take out some money. After little discussion we thought that Rs. 200 petrol should be suffiecient for whole trip. But before we can say anything to lady on pump, she thrusted nozel of pump in my bike. I was wise enough to see 0, as I had heard various stories of patrol cheating on petrol pump. suddenly one more girl popped up in front of us with usual money collecting bag and recipt book in his hand. With smiling face she asked us if we want reciept. we politely declined it. listening ‘No’ she started giggling and said “Many people asked for recipt so I asked you guys”. To which my friend promptly replied – “thanks, but we do not want it”. Before we can take our eyes back to pump meter,pump lady had already finished with petrol.After moving out of petrol pump, I said to my friend that all petrol pump should take this pump as example and employ girls. this will be good way to empowerment to girls and beneficial for owner too(as girls takes less money for same work).
After we moved couple of kilometers I realized that my  fueltank meter has not gone up enough.In a matter of minute my thoughts got changed  All thoughts of women empowerment went in air and thoughts of cheating entrenched me. I felt agnoy all over my body. We realized that it was collusion of pump lady and giggling girl, and they actually succeeded in decieving us. This is not first time that petrol pump personals had cheated me, but this is first time that girls was able to get better of me.As Interview was at 3 PM, It looked unwise to go back to petrol pump. But I decided that I would go back to pump on my back journey and  take both girls to task.
After Interview I made sure we come back through same route(Even when it took me 2 More KM for my home). I parked my bike in front of pump and went straight in the cabin of pump owner. I was sure that if such thing is going on, it could not go without blessings of owner.Manager of pump stopped me¬† and asked me what exactly I wanted. I demanded to meet owner and refused to talk to him.Pump manager relented at the end called owner from inside room. Owner was 6 feet height,fair coloured around 45 year old chap. As soon as I saw owner, I stated my case in front of us. he tried to consol us. But consoling was not enough, I demanded to get my tank filled up with rest of patrol. By this time Nilesh also pitched in, he also tried to add some points. But owner refused to talk to him, and told rudely I could talk to time one person at time. He asked me if I had seen ‘0’ before she started filling petrol to which I replied affirmatively.Then He asked if you have seen 200 mark, then also I responded No . Then it was his turn, He blamed us for not being awake and also accused us of getting “tempted” by girls. That was enough for my friend Nilesh, He repeated word “Tempted”¬† couple of times. After that he blasted that was enough buddy, If you had no plan to get our tank filled again that’s Ok but you could not abuse us for such thing. He dragged me out of cabin and told me¬† “let us go man” .. We won’t fill it petrol from here again. By that time¬† many people started looking towards us… realizing that he could not possibly let us go without petrol and bear bad publicity( Now with so many speactator). He literally ran to catch Nilesh. He caught Nilesh by hand and said sorry couple of times for his words.But Nilesh was in no mood to listen him. Owner told me -“you can take anything from my shop but do not go this way”.¬† I was on bike by that time but he was still holding Nilesh’s hand. He literally bagged us to get our tank filled.Finally I¬† decided to get our tank filled by Rs 100(For which earlier came). Later he said ‘sorry’ couple of times more for his rude words.
When I now think of that incident, I can not stopped smiling about how we went about it, Owners words were used as tool to meet our ends.:)

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Isla Culebra

Sometimes Unexpected things happen. You normally do not expect big production to be smooth and bug free, but it happened here in La Isla del Encanto. The system was as gentle as Latino people here. This awesome opportunity gave us chance to explore area around Puerto Rico and we decided to pay visit to Culebra. As my friends had flights back to India on Sunday morning, we planned for visit on Saturday. Journey was supposed to accomplice in two phase. First we needed to go from San Juan to east cost of¬† Puerto Rico, and then from there to famous Culebra island through ferry or flight. Our obvious choice was ferry for Culebra as there was difference of almost 10 times betweens two‚Äôs fare.¬† So we started early to get the tickets for ferry. We hooked one Taxi driver for $70 to pick us up around 5:15 AM from hotel to ¬†leave us on ferry port.¬† Journey to ferry port was great, Dim light of equator and ‚Äėrain forest‚Äô on both side of road simply made expedition amazing.

Once we reached the ferry port, it looked like just another bus-stand in Indian town. There was long queue for tickets at 6 AM on ticket-window which was supposed to open on 8 AM. Hoping against the hope we decided to join the queue for tickets for Culebra Island. After 30 Min in queue we were shocked and disappointed to find out that this row was for ferry at 3 PM, 9 AM ferry tickets was already sold out. But to our consolation, there was also parallel queue for Vieques island(Another attractive tourist destination) , So we decided to go to vieques instead of Culebra. But as saying goes you go where you are destined to, As soon as we reached ticket-window, tickets got finished for vieques island too. We finally decided to take flight for Culebra from nearby airport. I was just hoping that airport queue to be smaller and fast moving then what I had seen in ferry port. When we finally reached, I got excited to see a small jet that was supposed to carry us to Culebra Island. It was surprise for us that they distributed seats to people as per the weight of people.  I was on seventh heaven when pilot invited me to join as co-pilot. Pilot was friendly he allowed me to keep my camera open  during journey . It was simply awesome to feel takeoff and landing from very front. A low flying flight over sea, clear jet windows and amazing island from top , I just could  not have demanded for more.

Once we reached to Culebra island we decided to take a walk to flamenco beach (which we soon realized impossible). Later we changed our plan from walk to taxi given time constraint we had. It took us 5 Mins from taxi to reach the famous Culebra beach. As We reached on Culebra beach, I was sure that I had not seen any place more beautiful than it before. White sand, splendid sea and awesome people around the beach were delectable.  My adjectives are insufficient to describe beauty I was seeing around the beach.  Many people were playing inside shallow water of sea , few of them were taking sunbath and few like were enjoying the watching others. We finally jumped in sea to test water on coast.  Just few meters inside the ocean there were row of corals, so you can just walk to corals, to watch colourful fishes and plants.  After I got exhausted with swimming around sea, I was just laying ideal there. Afterwards we took a long walk along beach under sunlight, there we also took few snaps famous flamenco birds. Even after desperate attempt to get an umbrella, we did not find any so We finally rested under under a palm  tree. There I had quick nap and lunch as sandwich, before jumping again in the sea. Sea felt more cool this time, so we stayed in it little longer. I also proposed to take a visit to culebra town, but our time constraint restricted it.

Now it was timefor back journey. To my surprise and happiness pilot again asked me to be his co-pilot. I enjoyed this journey too; I also got to see our flamenco beach from bird eye view. It was best air journey I have ever taken. When we finally reached to hotel, we were exhausted. It was certainly a memorable and ‚Äėonce in lifetime‚Äô experience. It‚Äôs no surprise that Culebra beaches are counted as top 5 beaches of world, A must go place.

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Why I hate IPL

‚ÄúWhat is score?‚ÄĚ as soon as I entered into flat, I fired this question. Pat came the reply 2-1 with India leading. ¬†Ohh man!! ¬†Shouted my another friend.. Had this Sardara Singh played properly we would have been ¬†3-0 up. As soon he said it, Sardara missed one more ball, and scoreline touched 2-2. ¬†At the end this exciting match ended with 3-3 final score. ¬†Next day when I went to office I was surprised to find that half of my teammates have actually watched this match. That day we talked about hockey over our lunch table and later discussed strategies to win our next match( as we usually do with cricket). That day one thing surprised me, that people can be equally liking for other games( leaving cricket) as long as national team have potential. When our national team wins, we feel energetic and happy.

Two months later, We all were watching match again. But this time we were not supporting same team. As my home-state did not have any team in IPL, I had chosen rajasthan royal while my friend being a Bangali was supporting Kolkata Knightriders.Actually in my heart I did not care which team win it, but my friend did care.. he wanted it to be Kolkata somehow. He was following all matches of  Kolkata wanted it to make it to final. He had even workout all P&C for it. It looked to me that after so many years this match has reinforced his identity as Bangali.  When I reached office next day, I found that not only my friend but many people have supported their state team .. Marathi has supported Mumbai, Tamil has supported Chennai, Telugu has supported Deccan charges.. Suddenly we all were aware of our second identity. I was feeling orphan as I did not had any team to support, It was like I was missing identity. I really hoped that Madhya Pradesh should had an IPL team. But some how I can not feet proud of being MPian( thats way you may call it).. I always found myself to be associated with only one identity i.e. Indian..

The dilemma has invariably led me to one bigger question, is being aware of second identity can be dangerous to national integration. Ok I agree this is little far fetched question.. A game can not probably lead to disintegration of nation. None has done it in history.But ponder over a little.. as idiom goes history never repeats itself… No nation in this history was so heterogeneous for so long. A Hate speech by vote hungry politician might be enough for incite a series of in-fighting between people of country. We today are blessed with good politician¬† at national level but you never know when thousands of raj Thackeray might born.. Who would argue for strong state control on its people.. that might lead to high cohesion between people of state and loosen strings between interstate (all on basis of language).

After IPL came World cup, I was surprised to find that same people who were following IPL so closely, lost all interest in cricket. No one was watching cricket… was it beginning of something..

My fear might  be totally unfounded or might be result of my worst nightmare. I had been cautioned by my number of friends that this is not going to happen.. I really hope for same.

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If you feel that Indian politician are manner less. picture this.. this was fight from ukraine parliament

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Diu & Gir : An awesome trip

When I first heard that my close school friends Shrikant, Sumit and Damaru (Oops Nilesh ) were planning a trip to Diu, It took  me no time to recollect that  Daman and Diu is one of UT of India. But when I tried to locate Diu in Google map, I was surprised to know that Daman and Diu are very far away from each other.  I was very excited about this trip, after all after so many failed plans we finally pulled this one off. Sumit and myself were to start journey from Pune, Nilesh and Shrikant were supposed to join us in Surat and Baroda respectively. Our Journey were to end in Veraval (Gujrat).

Ok our trip was supposed to be adventurous, But not so early. Sumit was caught in traffic after office and could not reach the railway station. With Heroics and determination he posses, He decided to catch the train in next station. Riding on bike ,travera, auto and what not, he finally caught the train in Kalyan. It was really great sigh of relief for me. When train finally reached Surat  at 3 AM, Damaru joined us. By that time I was feeling really sleepy. But Nilesh and Sumit was equally determined to let me sleep. Finally I decided to forgone my sleep. In Baroda Station, All three of us gave clapping reception to Shrikant .

When train arrived at Veraval, We were almost exhausted.  Famous somnath temple was very near by, So we decided to take journey break in Somnath. We finally took room at a very nice hotel with both Somnath temple and beach in sight. After having a little walk on beach we paid the visit to historic somnath temple. At temple it was wonderful sight, With lot of space  to walk around and with cool beach wind blowing it was really soothing experience in temple.  We took our dinner in nearby restaurant  and played  cards in room,  before we finally went to bed.

Next day was even more exciting. In Morning, We played football on beach, and just like kids took ride of camels and horses. After taking barf ka golas and Narial pani as our breakfast we moved to Giri national park on Auto-Riksha. Trip from somnath to gir was equally pleasant. We ate authentic gujarti food and drank a lot of chach in lunch.

Gir National Park has around 359 lions, we were determined to see at least couple of them.  We reached at dewary park at around 3 PM and took ride around the park in bus, During this bus ride we did see Neel gay , Dears, and famous Gir lion. Not satisfied with bus trip in Gir park, We booked a gypsy to take us inside really dense forest. Though we did not see lion this time but 2 Hour journey on open gypsy was certainly more satisfying. This time we saw few more animal and birds. During our journey back to somnath we shared gyan on life, money  and enjoyment, And as happen with such discussion we did not reach any conclusion on this too. After reaching hotel ,we watched one movie of 90s( Almost matching Shrikant’s peculiar test of movie)  .

Next day we took Gujarat roadways’ bus to Diu. It was fairly comfortable journey, During journey We enjoyed ultra cheap mango juice( Rs 5) and ate lot of fruits. After settling in paramount hotel, we went to have fun in Nagoa Beach. This time we took bath in sea and played football. Even though I am not good at football , I enjoyed chasing down the ball. We stayed in sea for around 2 more hours, Before returning back to hotel . In Night we went to checkout local market of Diu and had our dinner among ever smiling waiters.

Next day started with same fun at Nagoa Beach,.After playing some football, We  also took banana ride. This time we joined local chaps for cricket match on beach, and eventually lost both the cricket games that we played. With constant timekeeping by Nilesh,  We finally went to Diu again to checkout famous monuments and fort in Diu. This time we also explored sand rocks at sunset point and enjoyed soothing air. It was truly and amazing experience to explore untouched rocks near sea. I enjoyed a lot of it.

As All of us wanted to enjoy every moment left, we decided to forgo our sleep In Night we took a long walk along beach, we enjoyed a great reflection of full moon in sea. With nothing to be heard other than sea’s waves hitting shore, it was delightful sight.  We marvelled every moment of it.

If our arrival journey was adventurous then our back journey was even more so.  We had to catch bus at 5:30 AM in morning. There was no public transport on road, Finally we catch hold of one chakoda( A mixture of Bullet + loader). It was bumby but marvelous ride on diu roads on it. After reaching Veraval by bus we had our breakfast in form of famous khakaras, and  small samosas on railway station. All of us had a good sleep in train.

Finally It was time to return to your town after having good time in this awesome trip. It was really wonderful journey, I enjoyed every bit of it.


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